QlikView iFrame Extension


This section provides the reference documentation on the Squirro iFrame QlikView extension. The extension allows the /wiki/spaces/WIP/pages/2949204 to be integrated into any QlikView dashboard.

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The installation of the QlikView extension is covered in the QlikView Integration Tutorial.


The Squirro iFrame extension object is configured by specifying the individual object parameters in the extension object. Note that some parameters are mandatory. The extension object translates the object parameters from QlikView to URL parameters. Find the complete reference documentation on the URL parameters at /wiki/spaces/WIP/pages/2949204.

Item Filtering

Filters are applied on top of the context selection.

See /wiki/spaces/WIP/pages/2949204 for the complete reference documentation.

Created Before and After

Show only items that were created before or after a given date.

A valid Date is mandatory.


Assuming our dashboard has a Time-Date field. Select the first and last Date for the current selections in QlikView.

Date Format

Allows a date format to be specified.

An empty value uses the users locales to parse dates. Specifying a date format makes parsing consistent across systems with different locales.

MonthM1 2 ... 11 12
 Mo1st 2nd ... 11th 12th
 MM01 02 ... 11 12
 MMMJan Feb ... Nov Dec
 MMMMJanuary February ... November December
Day of MonthD1 2 ... 30 30
 Do1st 2nd ... 30th 31st
 DD01 02 ... 30 31
Day of YearDDD1 2 ... 364 365
 DDDo1st 2nd ... 364th 365th
 DDDD001 002 ... 364 365
Day of Weekd0 1 ... 5 6
 do0th 1st ... 5th 6th
 dddSun Mon ... Fri Sat
 ddddSunday Monday ... Friday Saturday
Week of Yearw1 2 ... 52 53
 wo1st 2nd ... 52nd 53rd
 ww01 02 ... 52 53
ISO Week of YearW1 2 ... 52 53
 Wo1st 2nd ... 52nd 53rd
 WW01 02 ... 52 53
YearYY70 71 ... 29 30
 YYYY1970 1971 ... 2029 2030
 aam pm
HourH0 1 ... 22 23
 HH00 01 ... 22 23
 h1 2 ... 11 12
 hh01 02 ... 11 12
Minutem0 1 ... 58 59
 mm00 01 ... 58 59
Seconds0 1 ... 58 59
 ss00 01 ... 58 59
Fractional SecondS0 1 ... 8 9
 SS0 1 ... 98 99
 SSS0 1 ... 998 999
 ss00 01 ... 58 59
TimezoneZ-07:00 -06:00 ... +06:00 +07:00
 ZZ-0700 -0600 ... +0600 +0700
Unix TimestampX1360013296

Assuming the date is 06/18/2013 the format string is MM/DD/YYYY.

For dashboards with more than one date format. The date can be formatted by QlikView. The QlikView Date function takes the format as second parameter. In the Created Before and After example the Created After expression with the date formatted trough QlikView looks like this:

=Date(Min([Time-Date]), 'MM/DD/YYYY')


Searches with the provided query string in the selected context. The search query is visible to the user and can be modified by the user.

For advanced queries read the Query Syntax documentation.


Assuming the dashboard has a field Industry. Filter the shown items by a single selection in the Industry field.


Filter items by Lon, Lat coordinates for a point, circle or rectangle.

Reference documentation


The center of Puerto Rico is located at 18.51,-67.25. Show only items that are in a 10km radius of the center of Puerto Rico.

Smart Filter

Preselect a tenant smart filter by its name.

Noise Level

Defines how relevant an item needs to be to show up. It is used in combination with a smart filter.

Allows a floating point number between 0.0 and 1.0.

Formatting & Display

Tab Configuration

Select the tabs that are visible to the user.

readReadShow items from the selected project.
infoEssentialsSearch for and display companies. This is recommended if your items are companies.
sourcesSourcesDisplay and manage sources.
settingsSettingsManage social connections and user profile details.

Smart Filter Tags

Restricts the user to choose from the smart filters that match the given tag(s). Allows a string with one or more smart filter tags separated by the pipe character |. Shows all smart filters that match any tag.

Example: 'pharma|patents'


Project ID

The project identifier is a string that uniquely identifies your project.

See Connecting to Squirro for information on how to retrieve this information.

Server URL

This is the Squirro cluster to connect to. See Connecting to Squirro for information on how to retrieve this information.


In the depicted example an invalid Squirro URL has been entered.

The URL will not respond as expected and yield an error.

Login Token

Allows to specify a token which is used for authentication with the Squirro platform. The token is bound to one Squirro user which will be shared between all users of the QlikView dashboard.

See Connecting to Squirro for information on how to retrieve this information.


This section shows how to solve some problems that you may encounter when using the Squirro for QlikView extension.

Navigation to the webpage was canceled

When opening a QlikView file with enabled WebView, sometimes you may see the following error message:

This happens when QlikView was not started before opening the file.

To fix this problem, follow this process:

  1. Close QlikView by selecting the File -> Exit menu option.
  2. Open QlikView from the Windows start menu.
  3. Use the File -> Open… menu to find the QlikView file on the disk and open it.

Please contact our support if the problem persists.