Data that is present in the Squirro index can be searched in a number of ways.

Squirro has a rich Query Syntax, which can be used to do full text and boolean searches on the index.

Smart Filters provide concept search for advanced search capabilities in Squirro.

Query Syntax

The query syntax can be used in Squirro to search for items.

Smart Filters

The Squirro Smart Filter makes it possible to search for concepts, not just keywords.

  • Smart Filter ReferenceSmart Filters can be trained from existing text or can be edited manually. This section covers the various ways of creating and editing Smart Filters.
  • Smart Filter TutorialThis tutorial goes through an example for working with Smart Filters. It starts by creating a simple Smart Filter and continually expanding it.
  • Concept Search IntroductionAn introduction into concept search and how it related to the Squirro Smart Filters.

Sorting Results

Squirro search results can be sorted in three different ways: relevance, time or time_relevance, which can be set as default on a per-project basis, using the Advanced Options.

  • Combined Time and Relevance Sorting - Smart RankCombined time and relevant sorting is the "magic solution" to ranking results which we believe will deliver the best results, especially for projects where the most recent items are usually more important than older information
  • Relevance SortingThe default solution for sorting results in Squirro is currently sorting by relevance.
  • Date SortingAn alternative sorting option is sorting by the age of the results.

Map Search and Visualisation

Squirro provides powerful tools for map-based search visualisations to your projects

  • Geo Filtered MapsUsing the geo_point facet type you can attach coordinates to data you load into Squirro, allowing you to display the coordinates on a map or query the data using a geo bounding box.
  • Region MapsRegion Maps allow you to visualise data on a "geo heatmap"


Squirro can make item, entity and facet recommendations based on various types of input

  • Methods of RecommendationThe theory behind how recommendations work in Squirro and the 3 different methods we provide based on non-correlated facets, correlated facets or machine learning
  • Visualising RecommendationsHow recommendations can be visualised in your projects
  • Feedback for Entity RecommendationsTo enable entity feedback you must create a studio plugin to handle the data which comes from the UI in the frontend. Outlined below are the various POST objects which can be consumed with the custom studio plugin endpoint.

Using Synonyms

Spellchecking BE

Content-based Typeahead