Security at Squirro


At Squirro all we do is centered around three core values:

Trust: We earn the trust of our customers and every day. We keep their data safe.

Passion: We’re passionate, go above and beyond, to improve, innovate and get the best insights from data.

Growth: We help our customers to get value from data. By growing their business, we grow ours.

Your trust is key to our success.


Here’s what we do for this:

  • The team is key
    We train the team on a regular basis on security and safety issues.

  • Information Security Management
    Squirro is full ISO 27001 compliant and certified since spring 2021.

    The ISO 27001 standard ensures that we keep your information assets secure. For more information please check:

    Full certificate available on request.

  • We take your privacy seriously and are GDPR compliant
    Have a look at our Privacy Policy to get more details on how we handle this:

  • We provide both cloud and on-premise
    You may operate Squirro in a secure cloud environment or within the confines of your own walls (on-premise). If we operate Squirro for you we have architected a single instance setup making your setup by design more secure. More on single instance setup here.

  • Regular penetration tests
    We ask on a regular basis a renowned 3rd party provider,, to do what is referred to as ‘application penetration test’ to keep Squirro safe and secure.