OpenSearch API


Expose an opensearch api endpoint of one or serveral projects.

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In the Project Settings tab select OpenSearch API.

This studio plugin requires some configuration. To enable it for certain projects you need to add the following configuration snippet to your frontend.ini or common.ini file:

# Whitelist all project ids that expose the opensearch API.
# Only configure projects here that contain public data as of
# today we have no authentication in place.
# Multiple projects can be separated by comma.
project_ids = id1,id2
# use a read-only api token for a non-admin user.
token = abc...
# query cache time in seconds
query_cache_ttl = 60

Once done, click on the 'GO TO DESCRIPTION URL' button to get the link and content of the OpenSearch API description file. This file can be used to integrate with any OpenSearch compatible frameworks. For an example on how to use it to configure federated search within Salesforce see Salesforce Federated Search