How to Demo Squirro for QlikView


This documents explains how you can demo Squirro for QlikView using the Financial Stock Analysis dashboard.


Get a Squirro Account

The first step is to get yourself an account on Squirro and get it enabled with the Stock Data. You usually get this account during the technical on-boarding. If you haven't received one, simply drop us a line at

Open the Dashboard

With your favorite browser visit

The Dasboard doesn't require a login, but you have to activate Squirro. Click on the Activate button and login with your email & password that you received from us.
The Squirro account comes preconfigured with a few fingerprints plus all the data sources required, but the actual data will be pulled into your account on the fly. So the first time you open it up it might take a little bit longer than it usually will to show data.

 For a good storyboard of the demo, check out this video:

Want to run it in your own QlikView?

No problem, you can get the Dashboard and the extension here. You'll also soon can get your own local copy of Squirro, stay tuned.

Bigger, better, faster

We're ramping up Squirro for QlikView fast. We've got several more demo apps in the works. We're also working on 'Squirro in a Box', a virtual appliance of Squirro that you can run on your machine or server using VMware, VirtualBox and other hypervisors.
Stay tuned. We'll update this page as these become available. You can use the Tools / Watching button to get notified automatically.