Getting Squirro

Squirro publishes bi-weekly releases with smaller update sets, and quarterly LONG-TERM SUPPORT (LTS) releases. LTS releases are supported for two years and receive updates for security issues and important bug fixes in form of patch releases. For details, see the

The release notes of previous releases are also available.

Obtaining Squirro

There are different ways to get access to a current Squirro release.

Linux installation

Virtual Images

Cloud hosting

For Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) and its open source derivative CentOS Linux, Squirro provides RPM packages on a YUM repository.

To access the repository a Squirro license key is required. Please contact Squirro support for help.

Installation is covered in the section of the

Squirro in a Box images are ready-to-use Squirro images for VMWare and VirtualBox on the basis of CentOS Linux.

The images can be downloaded from the Downloads section (requires license to access).

For instructions see or

Squirro provides cloud-hosted instances that can be obtained and managed in a completely self-service manner. These can be obtained on

Squirro self-service installations are automatically kept up to date with the latest release.

Consult the documentation for more information.