API Reference

  • Common Headers
  • Working with Squirro APIs
    • DashboardsDashboards are used in projects to visualize the project data.
    • EnrichmentsEnrichments are added to projects to change how incoming items are processed.
    • Facets APIManage facets on a project.
    • FingerprintsSmart Filters (called Fingerprints in the API for legacy reasons) enable concept search over Items in a project.
    • ItemsSearch items from a Squirro project.
    • ObjectsObjects are used to group the sources in a project.
    • Pipeline WorkflowsPipeline Workflows control the steps applied to data imported into projects via subscriptions (referred to as Data Sources in the graphical user interface).
    • PreviewPreviews are used to get subscription results without creating the subscription.
    • ProjectsProjects are the main entry point in Squirro.
    • ScoresThe scores resource does batch-calculations of fingerprints relevance for each item in a project.
    • SubscriptionsSubscriptions define how data is provided to a Squirro project.
    • Trend DetectionsTrend Detection is configured on projects to look for anomalies in time series data.
  • Common Status Codes


Data Types

The following data types are used throughout the Squirro platform.

  • Date Format
  • Format StringsIn a number of places Squirro supports format strings to specify how numbers and dates are displayed or processed.