Look & Feel

Technical Details

Squirro Dropzone object properties in WebView

Visual Properties (Presentation tab / Caption tab)

Visual configuration
  • the Dropzone does not need a lot of space as it is only used for dragging and dropping files onto it
  • for good visibility it is recommended to specify a caption for this object
    and/or set a background color/image

Configuration Properties

The logical configuration of the Dropzone extension is configured via the "Squirro Dropzone" tab.

Most configurations can be set hard coded or via Qlik variables from the load script.  

Squirro Settings tab

ID Field
  • e.g. "internal_research_id"
  • offered via Dropdown menu
    • any dimension which is loaded in QlikView can be chosen
  • in order for the Dropzone to work meaningfully one Qlik dimension (ID Field) must hold the exact same values like the Squirro internal ID (ID Selector) which is returned from Squirro into Qlikview
    • when a document is dropped into the Dropzone area, the text of the document will be submitted to Squirro as training text for a new SmartFilter created on the fly
    • that SmartFilter is immediately applied to the configured Squirro project (Project ID)
    • Squirro will return its internal IDs (ID Selector) of all matching results and into QlikView
    • inside QlikView all corresponding dimension values will react
Noise Level
  • variable: vSquirroNoiseLevel
  • value: "0.4"
  • SmartFilter noise levels can be configured from 0.0 (extremely strict) to 1.0 (fully open)
  • the value specified here is typically not dynamic as the Squirro only sends the results back to QlikView once
    • (if the NoiseLevel would be controlled dynamically by e.g. a slider it would have no effect until the document would be
      dropped onto the Dropzone again)
ID Selector
  • variable: vSquirroIDSelector
  • value: "id"
  • see explanation of "ID Field" above
  • specify the Squirro internal ID for mapping to a QlikView dimension holding the same values
Login Token
  • variable: vSquirroToken
  • value: 22ce6730d601a705........430718ec4e65d33971f
  • specifying Squirro API access token
Project ID
  • variable: vSquirroProjectID
  • value: 7sJQVzBdSECah5_ONGtvllx
  • specifying the Squirro Project ID
Server URL
  • specifying Squirro Server ID (cloud or Squirro-in-a-box)
  • it is important to specify the "http://" preceding the IP or name