Look & Feel

Technical Details

Squirro Dashboard object properties in WebView

Visual Properties

Visual configuration
  • every dashboard in Squirro can be set up in the following visual way
    • consuming the top left 1/4 of the dashboard space
    • consuming the top half of the dashboard space
    • consuming all of the dashboard space
  • the width of the dashboard extension can be adjusted freely inside Qlik
  • height is dependent on whether you have set the dashboard up to consume
    • the top half of the dashboard space
    • all of the dashboard space
  • depending on which type of dashboard has been configured the dashboard
    extension allows to scroll vertically within Qlik 
Visual effects
  • read items will be shown in black
  • unread items will be shown blue

Configuration Properties

The logical configuration of the dashboard extension is configured via the "Squirro Settings" tab.

Most configurations can be set hard coded or via Qlik variables from the load script.  

Squirro Settings tab

Dashboard URL
  • specifying the Squirro Dashboard URL
  • Note: the URL must be without the login token
Login Token
  • variable: vSqurriDashboardURLToken
  • value: 0fb75c39dee282ed2e521965518c9672d3309db48ff1fa58fa22db8a6af91 \ cb9104423be44a1f422a18559216594109713e670cc9c1c5f94e4ec11c8f9
  • specifying the Dashboard URL Token for automatic login
  • that is especially convenient for sharing dashboards with users outside the normal Squirro UI user group (e.g. decision makers)
  • variable: $(vQuery)
  • value: smartfilter:Memory-Leak:0.1 AND OSX
  • any Squirro query that can control dashboards can be specified here
  • typically the query string is put together dynamically
    • the logic of the project at hand determines how the string is put together
    • this is typically defined in the Qlik load script
    • $-Expansion must be used if a dynamic refresh of the Squirro items is expected when the user changes the Qlik selection
  • Internet Explorer forbids that the URL GET string can be longer than 2048 including the characters for the URL
    • make sure the string does not exceed this length
Created After
  • variable: $(vCreatedAfter)
  • value: 2010
  • slice Squirro results to after 31.12.2010
Created Before
  • value: $(vCreatedBefore)
  • value: 2014
  • slice Squirro results to before 01.01.2014