Squirro provides a standard integration possibility into QlikView. With this integration QlikView dashboards can be extended to embed unstructured data. 

The QlikView Integration Tutorial walks through an example that shows how to integrate Squirro with QlikView.

Table of Contents

Financial Stock Analysis Demo App

Download a copy of the Stock Analysis App that we use to demo Squirro and QlikView, explore how it works and do your own demos.

How to Demo Squirro for QlikView

This documents explains how you can demo Squirro for QlikView using the Financial Stock Analysis dashboard.

Import Data into Squirro from a QlikView Load Script

Using the QV STORE, DROP FIELDS and EXECUTE commands it is possible to hook the Squirro CSV importer into existing load scripts easily.

IT Service Help Desk Demo App

Download a copy of the IT Service Help Desk Demo application that is used during technical trainings and workshops.

QlikView "Bugzilla" LoadScript Documentation

QlikView Extensions Reference

QlikView Integration Tutorial