Popular Query Suggestions

You must set up activity tracking to use popular query suggestions

Squirro can suggest queries to the user that have been used in a previous search. While typing in a query, the matching query suggestions are proposed to the user as autocompletion. The suggested queries are ranked on popularity and relevance. The more often a query was used, the higher the popularity score (the number of matches shown next to the query).

In the example shown below, the top three suggestions are popular queries. The next suggestions in the list are content based key phrase suggestions followed by the suggestions for facet values.

Example: Typeahead suggestions for query “what“.

Popular Query Setup

From user’s activity logs to typeahead functionality on popular queries.

The diagram above depicts the conceptual data flow when a user enters a query:

  1. Frontend Service/activity: Tracks user’s dashboard interaction, search queries and their results

  2. Elastic Activity Logs Index: The Log Shipper indexes log files from file system into Elastic (Squirro project index) using the Squirro Activity Log data source (see here)

  3. Update Manager:

    1. Aggregates unique queries from the Activity Logs Index (2)

    2. Maintains the customised Popular Queries Index that stores:
      query, context, trendiness.popularity

  4. Topic Service/typeahead: Returns typeahead suggestions from the Popular Query Index


Server Configuration

Configure the following server-wide settings in the Server space under Configuration:








squirro_v9_activity_tracking* (automatically configured, multi tenant support)

(manual configured; single tenant)

Elasticsearch index pattern (Squirro project) that contains activity log data, used as input data for Popular Query Update Manager (see figure above)


true false

Default: true

Enable or disable the popular query feature.

  • Requires that all activity tracking is correctly setup and configured,
    the facets are correctly mapped and the data is available in the monitoring project.

  • The configuration topic.typeahead.popular.activity-tracking-idx is set (either manually, or via dynamic default settings)


squirro_popular_queries-v1 (setting not meant to be changed; exists to be ready for future change)

Elesticsearch index that contains all unique queries, sorted by popularity and project. This is the input data for the Typeahead Suggester (see figure above).



Interval in seconds to run popular-query aggregation update task.

Project Configuration

You can control the scope of the popular query suggestion with the following setting in the Project Configuration under the SETTINGS tab of a project.








project user

Default: project

Scope on which popular queries are analysed.

  • user: each user only sees their own popular queries.

  • project: popular queries are aggregated per project and thus the number of users running the same search will make the query more popular overall.