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Release: Squirro 3.2.0

We're excited to announce Squirro 3.2.0, released on the 9th of November 2020. The release has a few major new features:

  • Data Science Studio (Beta)
    The Data Science Studio enables Squirro Business Analysts to solve text classification problems by making use of machine learning

  • Cognitive Search powered by Communities
    Communities Setup: "Communities" is a feature which allows end-users to specify the topics or communities of their interest. Built upon the idea of User Preferences, it allows personalisation of content by subscribing to communities.

  • Connector improvements 

    With the Squirro 3.2.0 release, we have made significant improvements to our data connectors.

  • Squirro speaks German
    It has been a long-requested feature from our customers to be able to customise Squirro’s interface in the language of their choosing. German is the first supported language, others will come.

  • Additional Machine Learning libraries

    We have also packaged a few additional state-of-the-art Machine Learning Libraries to lay the groundwork for building a more powerful data classification toolset

And much more. Read the full release notes here.

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