Project Configuration


Between different environments, some of the settings will change. For example, you may need to connect to different databases in each environment. Project configuration enables you to separate these configurations from the rest of the project.

Table of Contents

Set up

In the Project Settings tab select Project Configuration.

Use the red plus button (top right) to add new configuration keys.

The form is then filled in with a configuration key, which is later used to refer to this value, a data type and a value. Optionally a description can be added. For example:

This example provides a new configuration value salesforce_user which will be used by the data connector to connect to


Project configuration keys can be used when setting up data loader connections and for pipelet enrichments.

In both cases, the syntax is the same: you can access a configuration value using ${config_key}. For example to access the value of the salesforce_user key created in the example above, you would use ${salesforce_user}.

Data Loader Connections

When creating a new source using a data loader plugin, use the configuration key syntax ${config_key} to use a configuration value instead of a hard-coded value.

Pipelet Enrichments

Configuration for pipelets is provided as a JSON dictionary. This typically takes the following form:

    "option1": "My value",
    "option2": "Another value"

In this context, the configuration key syntax can again be used as follows:

    "option1": "${option1}"
    "option2": "${option2}"

This is useful to store configuration options that are used for APIs, as for example in the following sentiment analysis enrichment:

Import / Export

When exporting a project, the configuration values are not included by default. Instead only the configuration keys, help string, etc. are included. When such an export is imported into another project, then existing values are never overwritten. This default behaviour is very useful for deploying project updates to other environments.

If the value is included in the project export, then importing that file will cause any values to be overwritten.