Project Configuration


Project configuration is part of the Configuration Service as of version 3.4.4 

Table of Contents

Set up

In the Setup Space go to the Settings tab and select Project Configuration under Studio.

You are presented with a list of all built-in and if set up, any custom project configuration settings.

List of project configuration settings.

Use the plus button (top right) to add new configuration keys.

The form is then filled in with a configuration name, which is later used to refer to this value, a data type and a value. For example:

Adding a new configuration.


This example provides a new configuration value . The value is retrieved specifying the key connectors.confluence.hostname, for example, in a data connector to connect to the Atlassian instance.

A configuration name must follow specific rules as described below the field in the UI or in the Configuration Service — Naming Keys page.

All settings are editable. Custom settings can also be deleted. It is not possible to delete built-in settings. But you can reset them to their default value.

Edit configurations



The project configuration is used in two ways: Either by editing build-in-settings or applying configuration interpolation.

Editing built-in settings

You can edit built-in project configurations to modify the behaviour of features implemented on the Squirro platform, e.g., how popular queries work.

Using configuration interpolation

The project configuration implements the configuration interpolation feature. It allows injecting the configured values in data loader, pipelet and KEE configurations. The syntax to access configuration values is: ${key}.

Example Data Loader

When creating a new source using a data loader plugin, inject the configuration value instead of passing a hard-coded value.

Inject a configuration value in a data loader plugin using the ${key} syntax.

Example Pipelet

The interpolation can also be used when setting up a pipelet. Inject the configured values in the pipelet configuration:

Inject configured values in a pipelet configuration.

Example Known Entity Extraction

Project configuration values can be injected when setting up the Known Entity Extraction. In this case, inject the value in the Config (JSON).

Injecting project configuration value in KEE configuration.


Import / Export

The project configuration is imported or exported using the Import/Export Project functionality.