Squirro App Studio

The Squirro App Studio is a powerful platform empowering you to build your own project with your own data, enrichments, machine learning models and dashboards.

The Squirro Insights Engine augments search technology with Artificial Intelligence to deliver relevant and context-aware insights.

It applies relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data.



The Squirro Insights Engine delivers contextualized insights from your most relevant data sources and displays them directly or via workbench integrations.

Use Cases

  • Develop your own insights driven solution

  • Integrate your Insights App into your existing workbench

Value Proposition

Squirro App Studio

  • Build your own

  • Parameterize the platform to your needs

Key Requirements

  • Ability to load any type of (unstructured) data

  • Ability to develop your own Machine Learning models

Key Features

  • Insights generation: AI-driven recommendation

  • Data Science Studio to build your own ML-Models

  • Automated in-context information

  • Unified 360° view

  • Key event detection

  • Automated alerts & daily Digests emails

  • Real-time integration in CRM / ERP



  • Load (Data Sources)

  • Enrich & Relate


  • Discover

  • Topic modelling

  • Auto Discovery

  • Graph Detection

  • Classify

  • Signal Detection

  • Inference Detection

  • Access to the Data Science Studio

  • Predict

  • Anomaly & Trend Detection

  • Predictive Forecasting


  • Recommend

  • Recommendations

  • Contextual Signals

  • Automate

  • Automation Engine

  • Integration Manager

  • Visualize / Dashboards

  • Dashboard Builder (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

  • 3rd party system integration

  • Stand-alone version: None

  • Integration into Salesforce through Squirro’s Salesforce App

  • Integration into Microsoft Dynamics through Squirro’s MS Dynamics App

  • Other integrations possible through the Squirro SDK


  • Trial Use

    • 10 users, 30 days

    • For each (1) user: 10GB index size, 100GB up/download limit / month

  • Full rollout

    • Variable sizing available - contact sales


Squirro is

  • ISO 27001 compliant

  • GDPR compliant


  • Access control list (ACL; item-level access control) not enabled by default


  • Cloud: Hetzner, AWS available at extra cost

  • On Prem: Available - contact sales

Source / Demo



  • User based; starting at $20 user / month


  • Standard and Gold Support available