Cognitive Search App

Offering a year-over-year reduction in search time of up to 90%, Cognitive Search is the next generation of enterprise search, using artificial intelligence (AI) to return results that are more relevant to the user.



Squirro Cognitive Search is a full search solution, allowing search and insights extraction from any unstructured data source

Use Cases

  • Enterprise search

  • Search in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & other 3rd party platforms

Value Proposition

  • Achieve higher employee efficiency levels by providing company-wide, swift access to relevant information

  • Improve operational margins by providing business processes with tailored means to access and act on information

  • Leverage the hidden value of existing IT investments

Key Requirements

  • Fast and efficient search across all of the company’s data

  • Access to know-how within the company

Key Features

  • Full cognitive search, including type ahead, error correction

  • Daily highlights view (Masonry view or Cardboard view)

  • Topical communities to follow

  • Content recommendations, result insights, etc.



  • Load (Data Sources)

  • Enrich & Relate


  • Discover

  • Topic modelling

  • Classify

  • Not included

  • Predict

  • Not included


  • Recommend

  • Not included

  • Automate

  • Not included

  • Visualize / Dashboards

  • For you: Daily highlights (Masonry board view or Card board view)

  • Explore: Search page and result page

  • Communities: Overview of topical communities

  • Result page: Details of the item, including results insights

  • 3rd party system integration

  • Stand-alone version: None

  • Integration into Salesforce through Squirro’s Salesforce App

  • Integration into Microsoft Dynamics through Squirro’s MS Dynamics App

  • Other integrations possible through the Squirro SDK


  • Trial Use

    • 10 users, 30 days

    • For each (1) user: 10GB index size, 100GB up/download limit / month

    Full rollout

    • Variable sizing available - contact sales


Squirro is

  • ISO 27001 compliant

  • GDPR compliant


  • Access control list (ACL; item-level access control) not enabled by default


  • Cloud: Hetzner, AWS available at extra cost

  • On Prem: Available - contact sales

Source / Demo



  • User based; starting at $20 user / month


  • Standard and Gold Support available