Augmented Banking App

Insights into customers, markets, market moving events and how to find deals ahead of time

This is the main product description page for the Augmented Banking App.

Overview - Introduction


Find deals ahead of your competitors and enhance your clients' experience with Augmented Intelligence.

Use Cases

  • Develop your own insights driven solution

  • Integrate your Insights App into your existing workbench

Value Proposition

  • Increase revenue by uncovering hidden deals

  • Improve profitability and efficiency of your business

  • Strengthen client relationships by being more pro-active and data driven

  • Reduce time to analyse markets, portfolios and data

Key Requirements

  • Ability to analyse both bank external and internal data

  • Ability to detect market, company and client insights that drive profitable business decisions

Key Features

  • Deal origination

  • Counterparty recommendations

  • Relationship map

  • Pitch insights

  • 360° client cockpit

  • Automated alerts & daily digests emails

  • Real-time integration in CRM / ERP



  • Load (Data Sources)

  • Enrich & Relate


  • Discover

  • Topic modelling

  • Auto Discovery

  • Graph Detection

  • Classify

  • Signal Detection

  • Inference Detection

  • Access to the Data Science Studio

  • Predict

  • Anomaly & Trend Detection

  • Predictive Forecasting


  • Recommend

  • Recommendations

  • Contextual Signals

  • Automate

  • Automation Engine

  • Integration Manager

  • Visualize / Dashboards

  • Dashboard Builder (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

  • 3rd party system integration

  • Stand-alone version: None

  • Integration into Salesforce through Squirro’s Salesforce App

  • Other integrations possible through the iFrame / Share integration options


  • User management - tbd

  • Other settings?


  • Trial Use

    • 10 users, 30 days

    • For each (1) user: 10GB index size, 100GB up/download limit / month

    Full rollout

    • Variable sizing available - contact sales


  • Security relevant items, tbd

  • Access control list (ACL; item-level access control) not enabled by default


  • Cloud: Hetzner, AWS available at extra cost

  • On Prem: Available - contact sales

Source / Demo



  • User based; starting at $80 user / month


  • Standard and Gold Support available