Data Types

The following data types are used throughout the Squirro platform.

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All APIs support the input and output of JSON data.

JSON is a text format to represent simple data structures. Libraries to read and write JSON data are available for almost all programming languages. See the extensive table on

For more information about JSON, see JSON on Wikipedia.

Date and Time

Date/time values are always in UTC in the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss (e.g. 1997-07-16T19:20:30). For more information, see:

Language Code

Language codes are always a 2-character long lower-case string (e.g. en, de, ar). For more information, see:

Unique Identifier

Unique identifiers are generated as 22-character long case-sensitive strings (e.g. fD9EDV2YROG7pSkBa-hLPg).

Geographical Location

Geographical locations include latitude followed by longitude and can be expressed as:

  • Single point: string with latitude and longitude as floating point numbers (separated by comma), e.g. 47.374463,8.52375.
  • Rectangle: string with latitude and longitude as floating point numbers (separated by comma) of the top-left and bottom-right corner (separated by semi-colon), e.g. 47.374463,8.52375;47.374015,8.524908.

For more information, see:

HTML String

Formatted content is represented as HTML. When dealing with such content, special characters must be escaped. Most programming languages provide utilities for this, such as Python with the cgi.escape function.