Squirro 3.3.6 - Release Notes


  • Preprocessing capabilities to highlight entities of PDF documents when viewed in the PDF viewer.
  • New templates for AI Studio:

    • Encode sentences with the pre-trained universal sentence encoder of google and use logistic regression to classify the sentences.
    • Encode sentences with the pre-trained universal sentence encoder of google and use cosine similarity to classify the sentences. This template enables users to test their text classification use cases on a low effort base.
    • On-premise users of squirro need to install the pre-trained model manually (`yum install squirro-google-universal-sentence-encoder`) before they can use the new templates.
  • Pipelet updates:
    • NLP-Tagger configures numeric Sentiment Score facet on project (if needed)
    • The new Email parser pipelet can be used to parse any email data, It extracts the email body, discard email content after the occurance of email footers (configurable).
    • Added Insights Generation Pipelet that performs descriptive statistical analysis on a project:
      • It performs Trend Detection, Average and Sum aggregation on facets with more weight on recent datapoints.
      • Results are persisted as Items with item_type:insights.
      • It's pre-configured to work with facets for the SalesInsights project and generates engagement_trend, engagement_total, sentiment_trend, sentiment_average.
    • Implementation of a new PipeletInternal class that allows the users to use SquirroClient directly from the config of a pipelet.

  • React migration updates:

    • Added React Timeline Chart (still WIP).

    • Added config option useReactWidgets that toggles usage of backbone vs react widgets.

    • Improved some hooks performance.

    • Added new eslint setup for react.

  • Ability to disable widgets that have the ability to inject HTML/style (using no_insecure_widgets flag in [security] section of common.ini)

  • Added new Data Analytics datasource category

  • Insights Generation Datasource: Run a pipeline workflow periodically to analyse and store insights on already indexed data.

  • Allow deleting data loader field templates

Bug Fixes

  • Data source fixes:
    • Make the on-demand run of data sources to work for unscheduled (manual) sources (e.g. RSS feed without any defined scheduling options).

    • Fix a bug where editing a data source could result in raising a security-related error.
  • Facet fixes:
    • Fix facet mapping issue in filesystem dataloader plugin on empty projects
    • Fix Facet List widget not updating correctly after negative queries
    • More lenient facet handling for Pipelets by allowing scalar facet-values like item[kw_float][facet_name] = 0.3. Priorly the ingester-pipeline accepted only values of type list like [0.3]
  • Translate missing keys in Breadcrumbs and Time Selection widgets

  • XSS fixes:

    • Fix reflected XSS issue when showing alerts

    • Escape HTML output in link widget to protect against XSS

  • Passed the tenant information from the project instead of the pipelet

  • Passed the tenant info along for SquirroClient instead of fixing it as "_global"

  • Remove padding from Languages widget

  • Added KEE to the "Relate" section while creating new communities

  • Salesforce fixes:

    • More fixes to Salesforce SDK to account for the Salesforce sandbox

    • Improve CSS style isolation for Salesforce SDK
  • Fix bug impeding custom widgets from loading.

  • Fixing packaging of Transformers lib.

Known Issues

  • Visualization / Custom Widgets / (add / edit): save button isn't visible but action works.
  • Configure Data Source: Enrich Pipeline section drop down overlaps with "Pipeline Workflow".

  • AI Studio / Ground Truth / Focus view is broken. The Label view has to be used as workaround.

Installation and Upgrade

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Setup on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult the Upgrades for Squirro 3.2.0 and later guide.