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Squirro's permissions model is based on Users, Projects and Roles. Users 'belong' to the particular Squirro Instance, so there's no need to create new Users for each Project. Administrators can assign Users to Projects, so that some Users may have access to some projects while others would not. 

Viewing and editing project members

To view or edit project members,

  1. Open the Settings dropdown by clicking on Settings in the menu bar,

  2. Click on Project Members.

  3. You will now see a list of project members. To edit or delete a project member, hover over their name. The Edit and Delete links will be displayed.


  4. Click on Edit. Use the dropdown under Role to edit the User's role.

  5. Press Save to save your settings or Cancel to revert to the original settings.

Removing users from a Project

To remove a user from a project,

  1. Open the list of project members as described above,

  2. Hover over the name of the user you wish to remove,

  3. Click on Remove,

  4. Confirm on the following confirmation screen.


Removing a user from a Project does not delete the user from the Squirro instance – rather, it prevents the user from accessing a particular Project.


Squirro's permissions model includes five roles: Server administrator, administrator, project owner, member and reader. Their relative permissions are as follows:

Server Administrator

Administrator / Project Owner



Server Administrator

Administrator / Project Owner



Read items

Manage sources

Manage dashboards

Manage Smart Filters

Manage saved searches

Manage project members

Delete project

(any project)

(projects owned)

Add/delete users from server

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