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Released on February 1st, 2016.

New Features

  • Ability to pause and resume sources. While in paused state a source will not deliver any new items.
  • Mark sources as processed: As soon as the first batch of a new source is processed and the corresponding documents are indexed a source is marked as processed. This flag is returned over the API.
  • An initial version of templating strategy was added to the sourcer.


  • Add cleanup step to bulk pipeline. This is an optional step and by default turned off.

  • Added the ImageMagick dependency to the packages for thumbnail generation.

  • Bulk data loader automatically calculates the best  batch size now.

  • Dashboard widgets: 

    • Pie Chart: Add items number in pie slices and remove space between contribution value and percentage sign

    • Add option to hide percentage in Table widget

    • Fix height of facets settings rows

    • Improve time bucketing:

      • For a bucket size of year, quarter or month the correct (logical) bucket sizes and dates are now displayed

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure numerical facets are respected when using the bulk data loading method.

  • Reddit Provider: Ensure timeouts are handled correctly when fetching content from websites.

  • IE9: Fix white patches in custom time panel.

  • Ensure story titles in embed iFrame take at maximum two lines.

  • IE8: Remove hover state from current user.

  • Ensure long text pasting in Search Query widget works.

  • Unify custom time selector cancel button

  • Disable SF content upload with empty content

  • Remove blue date highlight on hover

  • Fix labelling for web/news alerts data sources


Upgrade Instructions

These are the upgrade instructions if you upgrade from version 2.2.5. If you are upgrading from an older version (e.g. v2.1.5) please follow the upgrade instructions on Squirro 2.2.0 - Release Notes

This is not the latest version of Squirro. To upgrade to this version, please ensure that you point the squirro yum repository to version '2.2.6' and not to 'latest'.

If you are using Squirro in a Box, then there are additional steps involved. In this case, please contact support.


1. Upgrade Storage Nodes

If your storage node runs in the same Virtual Machine or Operating System as your cluster node, skip this step. Otherwise upgrade all storage nodes one at a time by running:

[squirro@storagenode01 ~] sudo yum update

2. Upgrade Cluster Nodes

[squirro@clusternode01 ~] sudo yum update

3. Resolve configurations

If you have previously edited configuration files manually then consult the Configuration Conflicts section for how to identify and resolve any possible conflicts.

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