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Please use this link to access our online training portal: The Squirro Academy: https://learn.squirro.com/
The Squirro Academy houses a variety of technical and non-technical learning plans as well as the Squirro A-Z, a catalogue that allows you to discover everything Squirro, AI and emerging tech in many different content formats.


This portal contains the our Squirro documentation.

The Documentation is publicly available. For other areas, for example Downloads, a user account is required.

To report a bug or request a feature please visit the service desk.

Please contact us at support@squirro.com if you have any questions or if you need access.


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If you experience any technical issue with a user account that permits access to the restricted areas of this site including the download section or urgent access, please contact us at support@squirro.com. Thank you. 

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