Connecting to Squirro

For loading data into Squirro, you will need to set up a connection. This requires configuration options, that are used by the various command-line tools, the SDK, the API, etc.

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The cluster is the address where your Squirro has been set up. For a /wiki/spaces/BOX/overview setup this is generally https://box.ip.address. For the cloud version, this is generally or similar.

Authentication Token

For this purpose, the Squirro API uses authentication tokens. To create such a token:

  1. Open the Squirro web interface and log in as the user you'll want to use for API access.
  2. Open the user dropdown menu on the top right, then click "API Access".
  3. In the resulting screen under "User Token" press "Generate". The text field will then be populated with a token:

If the text field already has a token, then simply copy that value. If you press "Renew" the current token will be invalidated and a new one is created.

Project Identifier

When working with projects, for example, to search for items, the project's identifier is needed. The user interface provides this identifier:

  1. Log into Squirro.
  2. Open the Settings dropdown menu on the top right (wheelbarrow icon) and click "Project Properties".
  3. The Project Identifier is in the resulting screen and can be copied to the clipboard.