Plugin Repository

To delete plugins once installed, use Manage Plugins.

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Plugin Types

There are various plugin capabilities that developers can use to extend Squirro. Some of these plugins are provided by Squirro and not installed out of the box. These can be accessed and installed through the Plugin Repository.

The following components are accessible in the repository:

Online Plugin Repository

The dashboard repository relies on the Squirro server having internet access. The list of plugins, and the plugin content, is downloaded directly from an online repository maintained by Squirro. For on premise installations that do not have internet access, Squirro Support can provide installable packages via other means.


Upon opening the Plugin Repository in the Server space, select the plugin type that should be installed. Press List to get a list of all the available plugins of that type.

Plugins that have not yet been installed or are outdated have an Install button. That button will download the plugin on the server and make it available to the application.