Facet are field within an item that include structured metadata which describes the item. Facets can be populated directly from the source of data (like a database record or an Excel spreadsheet), or can be added by an enrichment.


Throughout the Squirro user interface and API facets have different names depending on the context. They can also be referred to as keywords or even tags.

A keywords is a key/value pair that is given to an individual item. Hence in that context we talk about a keyword (API) or a tag (User Interface).

Facets are the aggregation of those keywords, when seen over multiple documents.

Table of Contents

Facets Webinar

This is a recording of the technical webinar on the topic of Facets. The webinar goes through the Facets Tutorial.

Facets Tutorial

This tutorial imports an extract of the Panama Papers into Squirro. The focus is especially on how to model and use the facets in this context.

Using Facets

This section shows how the different data types of facets affect their usage in queries and dashboards.

Facets are typically set up within a project using a facets.json file used by the data loader.

Data Modeling

This section talks about the considerations when thinking of the keywords to use on Squirro items.

Managing Facets

Facets offer a range of customizations when setting them up. This page describes how to configure and manage facets using the squirro user interface.

If facets are managed by the squirro dataloader, consult the dataloader configuration documentation here