Working with Squirro APIs

The Squirro API provides access to all services/entities of Squirro, including the projects, subscriptions and items. The following pages describe the resources of this REST API grouped by scope.

Overview of APIs


Dashboards are used in projects to visualize the project data.


Enrichments are added to projects to change how incoming items are processed.

Facets API

Manage facets on a project.


Smart Filters (called Fingerprints in the API for legacy reasons) enable concept search over Items in a project.


Search items from a Squirro project.


Objects are used to group the sources in a project.

Pipeline Workflows

Pipeline Workflows control the steps applied to data imported into projects via subscriptions (referred to as Data Sources in the graphical user interface).


Previews are used to get subscription results without creating the subscription.


Projects are the main entry point in Squirro.


The scores resource does batch-calculations of fingerprints relevance for each item in a project.


Subscriptions define how data is provided to a Squirro project.

Trend Detections

Trend Detection is configured on projects to look for anomalies in time series data.