1. Setup

This tutorial requires that you set up your environment by:

  • downloading the necessary files for installing Squirro from the /wiki/spaces/DOWN/overview.
  • installing Squirro on your machine using our on-premises installation (called Squirro in a Box), and adding the Squirro extension to QlikView

After completing these steps, your full environment will be set up to work with Squirro.

Note: The Squirro installation requires about 5 GB of free disk space.

1.1. Download Files from the Squirro Partner Portal

Visit the /wiki/spaces/DOWN/overview and download the following components:

  • VirtualBox image for Squirro in a Box (squirrobox_nnn.zip, where nnn is the version number)
  • Squirro for QlikView extension (Squirro_nnn.qar file, where nnn is the version number)
  • Squirro Toolbox (SquirroToolbox-nnn.1.1.exe, where nnn is the version number)
  • IT Help Desk Example Project (dashboard-training.zip)

1.2. Install Squirro in a Box

1.2.1. VirtualBox Setup

Squirro in a Box is a virtual image that is launched within VirtualBox.

If VirtualBox is not yet installed, go to the VirtualBox download page, download the latest version, and install it. Consult the VirtualBox User Manual if you encounter difficulties during installation.

1.2.2. Load Squirro in a Box Image

  1. Extract the downloaded Squirro in a Box ZIP file (called squirrobox_nnn.zip where nnn is the Squirro version number). The extracted folder is named squirrobox.
  2. In VirtualBox, choose Machine -> Add from the menu.
  3. Navigate to the squirrobox folder, select the squirrobox.vbox file, and then confirm your selection by clicking Open.

Once the folder is added to VirtualBox, squirrobox should appear in the list of virtual boxes, as shown in the example screen shot.

1.2.3. Start Squirro

Start the squirrobox machine by selecting it in the list and either clicking the Start button or choosing Machine -> Start from the menu.

After the squirrobox machine is fully started, you will see a login prompt with a text version of the Squirro logo, as shown in the following example.

1.2.4. Minimize VirtualBox Windows

Minimize all VirtualBox windows.

1.3. Install the Squirro for QlikView Extension

Next, install the Squirro for QlikView extension using the downloaded Squirro_nnn.qar file (where nnn is the version number of the extension).

From within QlikView, choose File -> Open, set the file name filter to All Files (.*), select the downloaded Squirro_nnn.qar file, and confirm the selection by clicking Open. Installation succeeded if you see a confirmation dialog similar to the following example:

1.4. Install the Squirro Toolbox

Next, install the Squirro Toolbox using the downloaded SquirroToolbox-nnn.exe file (where nnn is the version number of the toolbox).

For this run the downloaded installer. If you follow the default process, the tools will be installed and made available for execution through the PATH environment variable.

1.5. Install the IT Help Desk Example Project

Extract the downloaded dashboard-training.zip file to any location on your file system.

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