Data Loader

This tool is used to load data from multiple sources into Squirro. If you would like to watch any of our detailed video tutorials on data loading and on how to develop data loader plugins, you can jump over to and have a look.

Below, you will find various documentation that supports the topic - Data Loader.  It is included in the Toolbox (version 2.3.2 and newer), which is available in the /wiki/spaces/DOWN/overview space.


Table of Contents

Data Loader Examples

This page shows a number of examples for using the Data Loader.

Data Loader Plugins

The data loader can be extended with data loader plugins. Those plugins are used to create custom data connectors, to sources that are not yet included in Squirro.

Data Loader Reference

This section shows all the available options for the Data Loader and explains their usage.

Data Loader Tutorial

This tutorial goes step by step through using the Data Loader. This is first done by uploading a CSV file to Squirro. In the last step a custom source script is then implemented to implement a proprietary data format.

User Guide for pre-built 1-Click Connectors

1-click connectors allow you to connect through an industry-standard OAuth2 setup, thereby allowing Squirro to index data without ever storing your confidential credentials for the source system. 

Writing a custom one-click connector

This tutorial goes step by step through building a custom one-click connector. It describes in detail the whole process from setting up the environment to upload the custom plugin. By providing code from already-built examples it gives an insight into how particular parts actually work, and it shows the best practices of building one-click connectors.