Project Templates & Workflows

Squirro supports working with Squirro projects using a project workflow. That includes easy deployment of projects to new environment, and re-using projects with project templates.

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A Squirro project includes many variable parts. Data connections, enrichments, Smart Filters, dashboards and more. Additionally these may be supported by plugins, such as custom widgets or data loader plugins.

Work on all of these component should not happen on the production system, but often follows a traditional process of working on the business analyst's computer (using /wiki/spaces/BOX/overview probably, link requires license), then deploying on a development or staging instance, and finally going to production. In bigger environments, there may be additional steps, such as a UAT environment.

Project Configuration

The project configuration allows specifying settings within the scope of a project. 

Between different environments, some of the settings will change. For example, you may need to connect to different databases in each environment. Project configuration enables you to separate these configurations from the rest of the project.

Read more in the Project Configuration section.

Export and Import

Export project is part of the Project Templates & Workflows and used to create a full export of a Squirro project.

See Export Project for more details.

Import project works with Squirro Project archives (as created by Export Project).

The section Import Project has more information.