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This tutorial goes step by step through setting up a Trend Detection on a Squirro project and visualizing it on a Squirro dashboard.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
excludeTable of Contents


  1. Download the CSV file: trends_tutorial_scenario2_dataset.csv.
  2. Create a new Squirro project. Make sure you select the option to create It is important that the project is created on a project-specific index.
    Image RemovedBy default all Squirro projects are on their project-specific index.
  3. One of the facets we import is going to be numeric. This needs to be configured before the import itself.
  4. On the "Data" tab select the "Facets" option from the left navigation.
  5. Click "Add Facet".
  6. As the Name enter "service_tickets" and select the Type int:

  7. Go back to the "Sources" section. Use the "CSV/Excel one-off import" to import the provided CSV file.
  8. The field mappings can again be left to their default.