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Table of Contents


  • Add the ability to rerun a single data source.

  • Save data set button will now open a dropdown with two options:

    • Save and fetch data

    • Save and re-run Pipeline workflow

  • Entity highlighting in PDFs.

  • Reindex-Utility: Support for automated reindexing of a Project's Elasticsearch Index. 

Bug Fixes

  • Only attempt to show project walkthroughs to admin users to prevent an endless loop when showing dashboards.

  • The tenant information was hardcoded in the code which caused the Ingester Service to fail during KEE as it could not find the Pipelet in the appropriate place.

  • Fixed incremental loading in the dataloaders using incremental column.

  • Improve PDF highlighting, fix stacking colors and scroll to extract.

  • The dashboard editor will now reflect all changes of re-uploaded Pipelets (docstring, getArguments) immediately.

  • SDK CLI no longer silences exceptions during exception of command.

  • Fixed an issue with facets of data_type weighted and broken facet summary.

Installation and Upgrade

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0