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Released on June 6th, 2016.

New Features

  • Trend Detection
    • first iteration of trend detection creation user interface
    • support for setting up trend detection for numerical facets
    • first iteration support for future predictions
  • Smarter type-ahead search suggestions, filtered by existing search query
    • Note: Saved searches are currently no longer suggested (will be added again in the next iteration)
  • Next generation of Known Entity Extraction
  • Configurable "result transformer" can be registered to dynamically transform result sets


  • Enable "batching" of search tagging to significantly increase data throughput

  • Customisable template support for Facets Tables
  • Scroll speed increased

  • Enable native field sorting

  • Improved monitoring of internal services

  • Widget configuration more user friendly

Bug Fixes

  • "Infinite Scrolling" issue fixed

  • Fix issues related to Redis configuration
  • Issue related to PDF handling resolved
  • Many more minor improvements and fixes


  • Update to Java 8
  • Upgrade Highcharts to 4.2.5

Fresh Installation Instructions

Please follow the regular installation steps.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to version 2.4.0 of Squirro, please ensure that your current version is at least version 2.3.2 or higher. This is because this version contains a new major version of ElasticSearch. If you are on a version older than 2.3.2, please contact support.

Additionally if you are using Squirro in a Box, additional steps are involved. In this case we also ask you to contact support.

From versions 2.3.2 or 2.3.3

1. Upgrade Storage Nodes and Cluster Nodes collocated on the same machine/VM

[squirro@singlenode ~] sudo yum update squirro-storage-node-users
[squirro@singlenode ~] sudo yum update squirro-cluster-node-users
[squirro@singlenode ~] sudo yum update squirro-storage-node
[squirro@singlenode ~] sudo yum update

2. Upgrade Storage Nodes (separate from Cluster Nodes)

Upgrade all storage nodes one at a time by running:

[squirro@storagenode01 ~] sudo yum update squirro-storage-node-users
[squirro@storagenode01 ~] sudo yum update

3. Upgrade Cluster Nodes (separate from Storage Nodes)

[squirro@clusternode01 ~] sudo yum update squirro-cluster-node-users
[squirro@clusternode01 ~] sudo yum update
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