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Squirro in a Box (license required) also ships with a Puppet configuration, which automates the management of some of the Squirro configuration files.

What is Puppet?

Puppet is a configuration management utility. It ensures servers are running with the correct configuration.

Puppet configuration

Squirro's Puppet recipe is driven by one file: /etc/squirro.yaml. The available configuration settings are described on the separate page squirro.yaml.

Puppet execution

Whenever the squirro.yaml file is modified, Puppet should be executed to apply the new configuration. Puppet is executed by running the following command as root:

[root@localhost ~]# puppetrun

Automatic Puppet execution

Puppet is run every 60 minutes and upon reboot. When changing a Squirro config file directly, it might be under puppet control and thus any changes are reverted again with the next Puppet run.

If you choose not to use Puppet, puppet can be disabled with the following command:
puppet agent --disable

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