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This is a reference of the vocabulary in the context of Squirro. These terms may be used throughout the documentation and the product.

FacetFacets (also referred to as keywords or tags) are semi-structured keywords attached to Squirro items. They are used for searching, refining and visualization.Facets API
FingerprintA old term for Smart Filters, still used widely in the API.Fingerprints

An item is a piece of information that is consumed through the Squirro platform.

Item Format
Known Entity Extraction (KEE)Squirro technology used to create links between unstructured and structured information.Known Entity Extraction

A projects contains a collection of items.


A data provider gets items for sources from external systems.

Smart FilterSquirro technology used for concept search. Can be trained automatically from input data and used to search complex concepts in unstructured data.Smart Filters

A source processes and completes items and stores them in the Squirro platform.


A subscription sends new items from a source into a project. One source can have multiple subscriptions attached to it.


A tenant is a customer creating many users on the Squirro platform for its company or team.

API requests generally need the tenant identifier. The same method used to log in for the API access (OAuth login) also returns the tenant identifier.

Tenants are an internal concept that are only exposed in the API, not in the user interface.


A user token is generated by the Squirro platform on behalf of a user. The token can be used for authentication.

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