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Squirro stores data based on a data model, where all the entities are ultimately attached to a project. In the context of loading data it's important to understand, how items are attached to projects.

  • Projects are the main entry point in Squirro.
  • Objects are contained in projects and used as a grouping for the subscriptions. Every project has a default object which is used if source grouping is not needed.
  • Subscriptions are added to objects to subscribe to a specific data source configuration.
  • Sources are used internally in the Squirro API to deduplicate subscriptions. If multiple objects contain subscriptions for the same provider and source configuration, only one source is created in the background.
  • Items are attached to a source.

To search items in a project, all the project's objects, subscriptions and sources are used to get the full item list.

Details for Working with Entities can be found in the API Reference.

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