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This Data Loading and Processing manual shows how data is loaded into Squirro.

It starts with some of the fundamentals, including an overview of Squirro's architecture and data modeling aspects.

Then the various ways of getting data into the system are outlined.

Finally the enrichments show how the data can be enriched as part of the process.


Entity and Data Model

Item Format


  • Facets WebinarThis is a recording of the technical webinar on the topic of Facets. The webinar goes through the Facets Tutorial.
  • Facets TutorialThis tutorial imports an extract of the Panama Papers into Squirro. The focus is especially on how to model and use the facets in this context.
  • Using FacetsThis section shows how the different data types of facets affect their usage in queries and dashboards.
  • Data ModelingThis section talks about the considerations when thinking of the keywords to use on Squirro items.
  • Managing FacetsFacets offer a range of customizations when setting them up.

Data Import

To gather insights from data, Squirro needs very fast access to that data. For that purpose, any required data is indexed into the Squirro data storage layer.

Data Enrichment

Any items that are added to Squirro go through the Squirro Pipeline. In that Pipeline the items are normalized and enriched, before they are written into the index. This process is called Data Enrichment and is highly configurable.

Trend Detection

Squirro provides the Trend Detection functionality to analyze trends in time-series data. This feature can be used to find outliers in the historical time-series data and get automatic email alerts for unusual behavior or patterns in your data.

  • Trend Detection WebinarThe Trend Detection webinar gives a introduction into Squirro Trend Detection.
  • Trend Detection TutorialThis tutorial goes step by step through setting up a Trend Detection on a Squirro project and visualizing it on a Squirro dashboard.
  • Trend Detection ReferenceThis reference section discusses the details for the Squirro Trend Detection functionality.

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