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Squirro can be extended with various code artifacts called "Custom Assets" that include dashboard widgets, pipelets, and with Squirro release 2.4.5 dashboard loaders.

With the squirro_asset tool, Squirro lets users manage such custom assets in a consistent way.

squirro_asset Command Line Reference

The squirro_asset tool can be used to manage all Squirro code artefacts called custom assets. Assets are Pipelets, Custom Widgets, and Custom Dashboard Loaders.

Custom Dashboard Loaders

Squirro Dashboards can be extended with custom dashboard loaders, which contain JavaScript code to be executed when the dashboard loads.

Custom Widgets

Squirro Dashboards can be extended with custom widgets, tailored for specific use cases that can not be achieved with the default widget set. Examples for such widgets are a custom visualization, integration of other systems, slight changes in the behavior of default widgets, etc.

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